Tuition Rates | Danceintegrity

Dance Integrity Tuition

Class Hours Per WeekMonthly Fees
45 Min$65.00 Per Month
60 Min$75.00 Per Month
90 Min$90.00 Per Month
105 min100.00 Per Month
2 hrs$105.00 Per Month
2.25 hrs110.00 Per Month
2.5 hrs115.00 Per Month
2.75 hrs$120.00 Per Month
3.0 hrs$130.00 Per Month
3.25 hrs$135.00 Per Month
3.5 hrs $140.00 Per Month
3.75 hrs$145.00 Per Month
4.0 hrs$150.00 Per Month
4.25 hrs$155.00 Per Month
4.5 hrs$160.00 Per Month
5.0 hrs$165.00 Per Month
6.0 hrs$190.00 Per Month
7.0 hrs$220.00 Per Month
8.0 hrs$250.00 Per Month
Registration Fees
All students are required to pay a annual $40 registration fee (individual,) or $55 family at registration. (Summer only fees will be less)*Any registration fee refunds will be at the discretion of Dance Integrity.
  • 10% off -second child Note: cannot be combined with other discounts
  • Boys receive a 40% discount
  • 7% off tuition if semester paid in advance
  • To help keep our rates great......
  • NO discounts on rehearsal fees
  • NO Discounts for company members
  • Coupons are for new students ONLY and must be presented at time of registration.