Kelly Wise | Danceintegrity

Kelly Samuels Wise has been teaching for over 35 years. Kelly is a highly certified, teacher with professional degrees in Ballet, Modern, Jazz, Neoclassic, Contemporary, Lyrical, Classical Character, Yoga and The Benesh. Kelly has extensive knowledge of Anatomy, Kinesiology, Plyometrics and Nutrition.

Kelly Graduated from high school with bursaries and 25 offers from different schools and companies. She worked with Houston ballet just after they won the World Cup. She was guest artist for Dallas Ballet while opening and running The Royal Ballet of Dallas, a successful studio with over 350 students for 18 years. Kelly was asked numerous times to become an International Ballet Examiner by RAD London, England. Since selling her school, Kelly has been teaching, choreographing and a guest artist for studios and companies around the world. She has coached students of all ages for National and International competitions. Kelly has created Ballet, Modern and Classical Character curriculums for Dance Studios and schools.
Kelly is a Mentor and trains teachers for DISD, Booker T, Dance Schools and Companies across the US and Internationally.

Kelly has a passion for Movement and Music. Her love shines through with her dedication to her students of all ages. Kelly wants to give back some of the knowledge and insight she obtained from her years of training, dancing and teaching.